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Our Products.


A natural, simplistic and lively office environment is created with a grand and dynamic sense of design.


In every case, our office chairs are built with ergonomics in mind and with designer good looks.


Adjustable height desks are designed to keep workers healthy and more productive while at work. Offering a ‘sit-stand’ experience, an adjustable standing desk can be adjusted to suit the user’s individual proportions and preferred working position. 


M45 / M65

Based on the modern jigsaw style screen, the joints show flexibility and smartness, with a free combination of colors. The superior pre-installation of electrical wires and appliances and the unique waist pre-installation setting showcase the scientificity and uniqueness of modernized office. The office area is connected organically with a multitude of patented technologies, which brings the intelligent and efficient office space into a fullest play.

Turning roughness into delicateness, it adopts a smooth and neat edge, solid and endurable steel structure with aluminum and iron linkage and a simple and unique shape, allowing the fullest play of the simplistic and grand modern style. It's easy to assemble, convenient to install and quick to restructure and can be pre-installed with electrical wires and appliances. All these foreseeing features and superior features exhibit the charm of office and life experience.


Our comprehensive range includes all kinds of sofas. And don’t forget, if you need help with planning, our fully qualified consultants are on hand to take care of the whole process.


Cheerful and steady, the desktops of multiple forms can meet the office needs of different enterprises.


MAX helps people work together and provides space to store the tools they need to work with. With these multi-functional furniture configurations, you can create spaces connecting the entire open office and customize settings to suit the needs of a particular team.


MAX provides clear lines and precise work arrangements, ranging from individual tasks requiring attention to potentially noisy collaborative activities, all of which need enclosed room. With MAX, we build an office that meets people's needs well. We can create all kinds of spaces through the use of storage spaces and panels without new buildings.


CAMPSITE is an office system that includes office, leisure and storage. It satisfies people's balanced switching between concentration and relaxation, chatting and drinking tea with friends on the cushion at relaxation time, and concentrating on work at the desk at concentration time.


CAMPSITE is a beautiful and practical design. The storage function is very good to help you keep your desktop clean and help you store all kinds of files, bringing you a pleasant and relaxing office experience.


MIX has the function of combining storage and display, and also has the function of dividing space. No matter at home or in the office, it can be used flexibly to satisfy your use habits. Designed with bookshelves, hangers, and drawers, which can be used to place books, folders, hang clothes, store items, etc. Multi-form cells can meet the needs of different enterprises.

The New Cubespace Experience Hub In Shanghai

As the creator of office space, we are constantly groping for the right choice. This time, the Shanghai Experience Hub of Cubespace takes SHIFT & BALANCE as its design concept, and divides the space into office area, leisure area, conference area, VIP conference area, bar and other modules in the form of regional functions to provide a relaxing and pleasant switching mode for the busy and stressful people to improve work efficiency and relax mood.


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